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What is Unity SU?

At Unity SU, we believe that ‘education shouldn’t be a debt sentence’

What you’re about to read will change your life completely. In time, Unity SU will become a trusted friend, a companion and a guide throughout your university life. Unity SU will help you make good financial decisions, make sure you don’t miss lectures, find a place to live, keep you up to date with what’s important to you, friends, family, course work, and eventually even help you get that first job.

No, not crazy, just a little common sense.

You see we have been working on Unity SU for ages, years in fact. We listened to hundreds of Students and asked, ‘what is it that you want, really want, to help you make University life more enjoyable?’ So you told us.

In short you said, ‘take the best parts from all the apps we use, and put them into one. And oh yeah, please take out the bits we don’t like, subscription fees, sales commissions, and we don’t like people getting away with repeatedly bad or expensive service’.

You said you want a chance to get a voice, and that you are fed up with being ignored. So now you have a voice, a loud one, so use it.

You said that you like helping each other, sharing good experiences, and help others avoid bad ones. You said you wanted to be a community, so we did EVERYTHING you asked for, and made a University Community, or Unity.

Then together, we break the mould, ‘We pay YOU for using Unity SU’. 70% of the money made through advertising is shared with you. We use the rest to make the app better for you, creating and adding in the features you’ve asked for. Even better, Unity SU is free of charge to download and use, and always will be.

You see, together we have to start somewhere. This is it.

The more events, the more feedback, the more products for sale, the more news announced, the more rewarding it will be you - and for others. Here are the keys, start the engine, make it happen.

And it’s all yours free, no strings attached, no joke, no ifs, no buts. Like you said, no subscriptions, no commissions, nothing. Ever. Finish. Full stop. And that’s one heck of a promise.

Unity SU, at last something that makes sense; ‘education shouldn’t be a debt sentence’

A little about student debt...

Debt, a burden we assume so easily and is demanded of us at every stage of our financial existence.

Why is it this way? Why is money and debt the restricting factor of so many endeavours, the impossible hurdle of so many dreams and the accepted norm of our society?

Almost at no stage in our education are we briefed, guided, or instructed to navigate the numerous financial terms, or are even taught basic budgeting skills in order to successfully manage a hard earned, scarce resource – your money.

Substantial debt was once something taken on by choice, usually by companies who wanted to expand their businesses, invest in the education and development of the skills set of their work force, or by securely employed people who wanted to buy a house.

How things have changed.

Grants for education were unapologetically removed and those who strive to better themselves through a university course, have been left with no choice but to assume on average £44K of debt just to be educated in our wealthy modern society, with little guarantee of a secure job at the end.

It would seem that there is no end in sight for this average figure to decrease, as tuition fees are always on the rise and interest rates play their part to maximise costs.

At Unity SU, our motto is ‘Education shouldn’t be a debt sentence’.

A small, determined group of individuals have been working with students to create a new benchmark in social media. One that will assist you in your university career free of charge and once we have 100k users, we will pay you to use it.


By sharing 70% of our daily advertising revenues with everyone active on Unity SU that day, every day.

As a student, you’re very valuable to most companies across every industry.

They get you to become loyal to their brands, bank with them, eat and drink at their outlets, wear their clothes and shoes, buy their sports equipment, use their phones, run those phones on their networks and well, you get the idea. You are the future returning custom for every company there is and they want you to choose them and no-one else, early on, so they can retain you.

At Unity SU, we’re going to make sure that we use this to your advantage, and the money created by their interest in you, is paid to you. All you have to do is download and use our app. No catches, no purchase required, we don’t want your money, we just want to even to playing field a little and get corporate monies back into your pockets.

By downloading Unity SU you are helping yourself and students across the UK. We’re building a network that can bring ever increasing revenues, offers, deals and momentum, as well as creating a network of likeminded people who have a natural interest in getting to know each other.

The more members Unity SU has, the more we can do to create and distribute revenues amongst the users.

Unity SU: Education shouldn't be a debt sentence.

What's next?

Unity launched in August 2015, aiming to make a noticeable difference in student's lives and assist them in making a difference in other people's. Off the back of Unity, we are also working on a wide

range of other solutions including exclusive student offers, the growth of sports teams and groups and a comprehensive accommodation solution to make finding a home much easier.


Helping you find a job, start up a business with your own ideas, and get great advice all round.


Have stuff you no longer need, but new students could find priceless? Do everybody a favour and sell it to them. You're probably also always on the hunt for a good deal right? You'll find them here.


Get exclusive Unity promotions that we've sorted with brands to save you money. Save money on everything from AA batteries to zebra print socks - you wear those right?


Find your next home, help Fresher's by rating landlords and their places. We plan to be the biggest and best place to find the place to call home during the best years of your life.


Seen someone you like, Unity can help make that awkward first introduction. Now we've already got a nice little matching thing going on, but we're adding to it.

Get paid

Like we said, 100k students and we promise to start paying you for your time. How? - wait and see. Now we've estimated the time that we'll hit 100k users, but this one is completely down to you. Want to get paid for all this sooner? - get more people signing up!


What's something that almost everybody loves? Sports. Whether it's football, rugby or ultimate frisbee, Unity is looking to bring you together with other students and their unions that share your love. We're going to give you the ability to build teams, share their games, events, and pretty much anything that you do with them.

The App

Now all of this is very well and good. We need an app. We're working on it as you read this. As you've guessed, this is a pretty major thing to try and build, so bear with us, it'll be here soon!

Live chat

We're working on a super versatile live chat system to really strengthen Unity. Chat to friends, tutors, and lecturers (where available) about course work, lecture changes, or any issues.

Upload your media

Show your mates (and only your mates) what a great time you had, knowing uninvited spies can't see; ever.

Your social hub

Yeah we know you've got Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of them, but you asked us to get it located on easy to use one area. So we're working on a slick solution to allow you to see all of these in one place, but still making sure it's all relevant.

Video updates

We're introducing the ability to upload video updates, if a picture says a thousand words, how many can a video say?

Buy Unity

Buy Unity: First we get the above fixed, and make sure everyone is happy. After this Unity plans to offer you a 'piece of the action', after all it's you who is going to make the company. Get this right and we can all cash in, maybe pay off that Student Loan. Who knows? You read about the money these guys can make, well now it's your turn.

Unity Cloud

The Unity Cloud. Something that when we asked around you seemed to love the idea of. We plan to build a cloud, allowing you to save all of your studies in one, secure location. We can't say much more right now but you'll hear more soon!